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Charcot deformity is a rare but serious complication of neuropathy, or nerve damage, in the feet. The condition weakens the bones and increases the risk of fractures. Early diagnosis and treatment of Charcot deformity may prevent serious complications. The team at Trinity Foot & Ankle Specialists in Fort Worth and Weatherford, Texas, has extensive training in Charcot deformity reconstruction. For expert foot care, call the office or schedule an appointment online today. 

Charcot Deformity Q & A

What is Charcot deformity?

Charcot deformity is a foot condition that occurs in people with neuropathy, or nerve damage, in the feet. Having diabetes increases your risk of neuropathy and Charcot deformity.


Neuropathy affects sensation in the feet. If you have a foot injury, you may not feel it and continue to walk, worsening the initial injury.


With Charcot deformity, the bones in the feet weaken and loosen, increasing the risk of fractures, foot deformities, and infections. 


Though researchers are still trying to understand the root cause of the foot condition, it’s theorized that certain events trigger the foot changes that lead to Charcot deformity, such as an ankle sprain or broken bone in the foot.

What are the symptoms of Charcot deformity?

During the early stages of Charcot deformity, your foot may feel warm to the touch. You may also notice redness and swelling. 


The deformity may worsen, causing the foot to collapse. You may also have pain. 


If you have these symptoms, schedule a consultation at Trinity Foot & Ankle Specialists. Getting an early diagnosis and treatment plan in place may prevent serious complications like a limb amputation.

How is Charcot deformity diagnosed?

The team at Trinity Foot & Ankle Specialists performs a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose Charcot deformity. They review your symptoms and medical history and examine your feet and ankles.


They also ask about your ankle and foot injury history and perform imaging tests such as X-rays, CT scans, or an MRI.

How is Charcot deformity treated?

The Trinity Foot & Ankle Specialists team customizes your Charcot deformity treatment plan based on the severity of your injury. Initially, the team may recommend nonsurgical treatments such as rest, custom orthotics, and activity modification.


When nonsurgical methods fail to improve the deformity, the team may suggest surgery. The podiatrists at Trinity Foot & Ankle Specialists have extensive training in Charcot reconstruction and limb salvage, including fellowship training and international training.


The surgeons may perform an external fixation, which is the use of pins, rods, and screws to hold the bones in place while they heal, to treat Charcot deformity.


The team customizes your surgical plan to best fit your needs. You may need multiple procedures to get the best results that prevent future problems. 


To schedule a consultation for your foot condition, call Trinity Foot & Ankle Specialists, or book online today.

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