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At least 23,000 Americans sprain their ankle every day and without treatment, an ankle sprain can lead to more serious issues in your ankle, such as ankle instability. At Trinity Foot & Ankle Specialists, a team of premier ankle specialists uses their extensive background in sports medicine and advanced treatment interventions to help you heal fully and avoid long-term complications. Call the Fort Worth and Weatherford, Texas, office, or use the provided appointment scheduling tool to arrange your visit now.

Ankle Sprain Q & A

What is an ankle sprain?


An ankle sprain is an injury in the tissue that connects your bones (ligaments). About 85% of ankle sprains occur in the ligaments of the outer ankle (lateral ankle sprains). You can also sprain the inner ankle ligaments (medial ankle sprains).


An ankle sprain can range from mild to severe. Milder sprains involve ligament stretching but not tearing. More serious sprains involve partial or complete ligament tears. In severe injuries, it’s common to injure multiple ligaments at the same time.

What causes ankle sprains?

Ankle sprains are a common sports injury, but you can also suffer an ankle sprain with a fall, sharp twist, or an unfortunate misstep. Even people who live a very sedentary lifestyle can experience ankle sprains.


Certain circumstances can increase your risk of an ankle sprain, including wearing improper shoes when exercising, failing to use protective gear during sports, walking on significantly uneven ground, or failing to warm up before exercising. 

What are the symptoms of ankle sprains?

Ankle sprain symptoms commonly include: 

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Ankle weakness
  • Difficulty bearing weight on your foot
  • Stiffness

The severity of your symptoms can depend on the extent of the ligament damage. A complete ligament tear or a multi-ligament sprain is quite likely to cause severe ankle pain. Severe ankle sprains may also disrupt your mobility, at least to some degree.


It’s important to get off your ankle immediately after you suffer a sprain, as any additional stress could turn a milder injury into a very serious one.

How are ankle sprains treated?


All ankle sprains require treatment, even if they cause only the mildest symptoms. Without treatment, your ankle doesn’t heal completely and you have a significantly higher risk of future problems like ankle instability.


Generally, early treatment involves conservative symptom relief like ankle rest, ice, elevation, and light compression, along with physical therapy and oral medication as needed. This approach allows the ankle to heal properly while also easing ankle pain.


Very severe ankle sprains may require surgery, such as arthroscopy to repair the torn ligaments. The Trinity Foot & Ankle Specialists team recommends a surgical approach that’s right for your specific injury and situation.


Just as with nonsurgical care, physical therapy is extremely important in helping you fully recover following your ankle surgery. The team may also recommend custom orthotics to help you maintain proper foot movements and decrease your risk of future sprains. 


The Trinity Foot & Ankle Specialists experts have high-level expertise in the treatment of ankle sprains and other sports injuries. They’re ready to help you recover, so book your appointment using the provided scheduling link, or call the office today.

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